carola bauer portrait

Carola Bauer

It is this: a cinema ticket in a coat pocket, twisted to a paper roll; a perfectly designed spiral, accompanied by a red rubber ring. Incidental gestures that I capture in my jewellery and which I want to remind the observer of. My hope is not merely to convey something to the person contemplating my jewellery, but to share something with her. To enhance this, I am constantly looking for transparent and light connections. My art works of the past few years represent light, voluminous structures which always respect space, too and include the air as a further element.Observation and research in my art works are joined by a struggle for design which never flows in a straight way and often takes an unplanned turn. So, in the end, what I have been looking for reveals in the true sense as to what I have found.

  • necklace; silver, gold, enamel

  • loop rings; silver, enamel

  • necklace; silver, steel, enamel

  • rings; silver, enamel

  • ring: silver, enamel

  • wrap ring: silver, enamel

  • loop ring: silver, enamel