Stones are where my work starts. I use natural stones, as well as crystalline and stone shapes, which I make from other materials like wood or plastic. My work consists of sorting and grouping-I arrange and re-arrange, create regularities, disorder and exceptions…Precious stones always possess a sense of glamour and secrecy… My jewellery is colorful but not brightly colored. Differences in colors and materials produce moods, which I have sought to capture.

  • buds rings, iron, pearls, moonstone

  • knotted necklace; silk, silver and pearls

  • roots rings; iron

  • pampeln; pendants and earrings consisting of handcut stones of reconstructed materials and gemstones.

  • ring; silver, pearls

  • knotted necklace; silk, silver and carneole

  • facet rings; silver