portrat bench of anna vlahos
Anna Vlahos
Jewellery shows me that everyone is the same. and that even throughout history we have been the same. beads have been found that are 100000 years old. 100000 years ago she found something she thought was beautiful, or a lucky charm, or sentimental and she wanted to wear it. Just the same as I did yesterday. It’s nice I think.
I started making jewellery in Australia. Then I moved to Greece and started making jewellery in Greece. Then Greek things started to get into my jewellery making even though I was making in my Australian way. And that seems to be where things are at right now.
  • Chain Earrings FRILL; silver, oxidized silver

  • Wildflower Earrings; oxidized silver

  • Biting Bell; Sterling Silver, Waxed

  • Floret Studs; silver

  • Ash Drop Earrings; silver

  • Chain Earrings CHRYSANTHEMUM; silver

  • Chain Earrings LOOP; silver, oxidized silver

  • Chain Earrings LOOP; silver, oxidized silver

  • Geo Earrings ORB; silver

  • Biting Bell; oxidized sterling Silver, Waxed