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About Cat Priem

Precious designs

Somewhere on the intersection of art and fashion lies the wondrous world of Cat Priem, gold and silversmith. Inspiration for Cat’s precious pieces may just as likely come from Mother Nature as from a collection of plastic toys. Her style is a flamboyant marriage of maximalism, organic shapes and smooth, slick lines. Cat’s world of wonder is populated by cartoonish creatures whose aristocratic roots become apparent in the classical craftsmanship with which the pieces are made. Materials used are silver, gold, pearls, gemstones combined with less common materials.

Cats style is best described as humourous with a dark twist. A unique work from the collection Trophies of a Serial Killer for example, is the piece That’s All Folks! This exquisitely detailed silver bird skull has a tiny clasp. Open it and a spring launches a set of brains in brilliant gold.


  • soul squeek earrings; silver colibri skull with a golden halo and a pearl

  • a little bird told me earrings; silver, gold, pearls

  • diamonds pearls and dead rats rings; silver, gold, pearl, diamond

  • broken flowers ring; silver, gold, tourmaline