portrait gitte nygaard
Gitte Nygaard

In recent years, my work has revolved around themes such as water and organisms in the sea.

My pieces at Mathilde Gallery are made from materials originated from the ocean such as mother of pearl – a residual outcome of pearl production, natural sponge (to imitate corals), jeans – a textile requiring 6813.741 liters of water before one pair reach the shop shelves or titanium zinc – a material often used to collect and drain water in the building industry – all can be fully recycled and reused. The pearls and mother of pearl are provided by C&Chitose Ohchi and come from Omura Bay in Nagasaki, Japan.


For more information about Gitte and her work: www.gittenygaard.com

  • earrings; zink, acoya mother of pearl

  • earrings; zink, acoya pearl

  • earrings; silver, acoya mother of pearl

  • kinkypinky nailring; silver and acoya mother of pearl

  • lollipopdiscoball earrings; silver and acoya mother of pearl

  • brooch; fake coral with acoya pearl