julia obermaier portrait

Julia Obermaier

(sur)face in the space

“Gemstones are the force that drives me in my creative work. On the one hand, it is the exploration of the materiality and the approach to the limits and secrets of the stones. On the other hand, it is the semiotic charge, meaning and the use of gemstones – especially of diamonds – in our society.

My playing hands are the tools for my ideas and thinking. Through them I feel and touch the surface and the outlines of the material. They are the medium, which connect my inner world with the outer world. They urge the mutual process of touching and grasping, changing my ideas and my perception.

  • 'remains' earrings; different gemsones, resin and silver

  • earrings

  • Earrings 'remains': mosagate, silver, resin, pigment

  • getting closed rings; in agate and oxidized silver

  • getting closed earrings; in agate and oxidized silver

  • brooch; agate and resin

  • earrings 'remains': colored agate, silver

  • earrings mix

  • 'laid back' brooch; agate, Lemon Chrysopras, Resin, Pigment, Stainless Steel

  • getting closed ring; in agate and oxidized silver