portrait - stefanie verhoef
Stefanie Verhoef

I add story to my pieces by looking for innovative contrasts while designing. It’s an overarching theme in my collections. I would almost call it an obsessive urge to place a dissimilarity opposite of an existing shape. This way both interacting elements can fully show their potential.

The contrasts can be found in innovative stone setting, use of color, material or in the shape itself. It defines my aesthetic which is rough yet delicate. It’s all about finding a perfect balance.

The stories I tell are personal observations or experiences and can be found in various collections. Stories are endless and so are most of my collections; designs keep developing and thus a collection is never really finished

  • offshoots ring; moissanite, garnet, oxidized silver

  • Contemporary Baroque ring: 14K gold, twinpearl, salt&pepper diamant

  • offshoots ring; azurite, oxidized silver

  • mixed feelings earrings xl; ruby zoisite, oxidized silver

  • mixed feelings ring; rough black diamond, oxidized silver

  • offshoots ring; pearl, quartz, oxidized silver

  • mixed feelings earrings xl; oxidized silver

  • Offshoot duet 14K gold: keshi pearl, black diamant